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LOTMAXX PLA k6 carbon fiber basic black

LOTMAXX PLA k6 carbon fiber basic black


LOTMAXX PLA k6 carbon fiber basic black




About this item

  • Carbon fiber filled PLA composite material, PLA becomes lightweight and high strength, thermal conductivity and heat resistance are also optimized. This material makes PLA take another step towards engineering applications  
  • Carbon fiber has the advantages of "light and strong". We use the "carbon fiber + PLA" formula to make printing filaments to achieve a strong combination. It is commonly used in various FDM 3D printers.  
  • This carbon fiber has superior performance, even when printing thin-walled products, it is recommended to set the filling rate to be slightly larger than usual for printing PLA.  
  • Mitsubishi Chemical's organically infiltrated carbon fiber composite PLA material makes the carbon fiber distribution in the material more uniform, thereby greatly improving the rigidity of the printed parts  
  • By selecting the appropriate size of carbon fiber, the fine carbon fiber addition process control optimizes the problem of carbon fiber agglomeration, so that it is not easy to block the head during the printing process  

Product Description

PLA K6CF is a high-strength modified PLA-based carbon fiber composite modified material. It has excellent strength both in injection molded parts and printed parts. The tensile strength and impact strength of injection molded parts can reach more than 1.5 times that of raw materials. ;  

The unnotched impact strength of the printed parts is more than 2 times higher than that of the raw material, and the notched impact strength is more than 3 times that of the raw material. In addition, it also retains the advantages of non-warping and high interlayer adhesion during polylactic acid printing. It is suitable for printing structural parts and other models with higher engineering performance requirements.  

Filament data:  
Wire diameter: 1.75mm  
Net weight: 1kg (2.2lb)  
Tolerance: ±0.03mm  
Printing temperature: 210-230°C  
Platform temperature: 30-60°C  
Printing speed: 40-80mm/s

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