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PCF8591 AD/DA converter module

PCF8591 AD/DA converter module


PCF8591 AD/DA converter module



  1. Single power supply;
  2. The normal operating supply voltage range of 2.5V ~ 6V;
  3. Completed through the I2C bus data input / output;
  4. Device address is determined by three address pins;
  5. The sampling frequency is decided by the I2C bus transfer rate;
  6. The 4 Road analog inputs programmable as single-ended or differential inputs;
  7. Can be configured to convert the channel number is automatically increased functionality;
  8. The analog voltage range of VSS ~ VDD;
  9. On-chip track-and-hold function;
  10. 8-bit successive approximation A / D conversion;
  11. Multiplication with one analog output D / A converter.

Module Description:

  • Module chip with PCF8591T, SMD package
  • Support 4 channel analog voltage the acquisition signal input (voltage input range of 0 - 5V)
  • Module with power indicator 1 (D1)
  • A module with DA output indicator (D2), when the DA output voltage reaches a certain value, the indicator light, the higher the voltage value, the brighter lights
  • The module integrates a Road 0 - 5V voltage input acquisition (through the blue and white potentiometer to adjust the input voltage)
  • The module Integrated Road the photoresistor (Model: 5537), ambient light intensity by AD collection
  • Module integrated way thermistor (Model: MF58) ambient temperature by AD collection
  • PCB size: 48mm * 25mm * 1.6mm
  • Quality panel corners arc design will not scratch your hand. With a positioning hole aperture 3.1mm, easy to use 3mm Tongzhu fixed

Wiring instructions:

Left 4 pin:

  • SDA IIC data interface connected microcontroller IO ports (P2.0)
  • SCL IIC clock interface connected microcontroller IO port (P2.1)
  • The cathode interface external VCC power 3.3/5V positive power supply
  • GND Negative interface external 3.3/5V negative supply

Right 8 pin :

  • AOUT module DA output port
  • AIN3 analog input signal interface
  • AIN2 analog input signal interface
  • AIN1 analog input signal interface
  • AIN0 analog input signal interface 0
  • The INPUT3 analog input signal interface 3
  • INPUT2 thermistor signal input port is connected to
  • The INPUT1 has photoresistor signal input port connected to theINPUT0 is connected to the signal input port of the potentiometer


  • Support acquisition of external 4-line voltage inputs (ranging 0-5v), with a single power supply
  • Standard double-sided printed circuit board, 1.16mm thick, with an elegant layout, 3-mm holes at each corner for easy fixing
  • Use an 8-bit successive approximation A/D converter
  • Input/output by an I2C bus
  • Working voltage: 2.5-6V DC; PCB size: 2.4 x 2.8 cm
  • Single supply, low standby current
  • Address by 3 hardware address pins
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