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Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kit


Arduino Starter Kit



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Based Learning  Kit for Arduino

Please check the list of items below included in this kit.

Based Learning  Kit for Arduino

Kit ListQty
UNO R3 + USB Cable1
LCD1602 HD44780 Character LCD Display Module LCM Blue Backlight 16x2 for arduino1
9V Battery snap1
830 Hole breadboard1
SMD Storage box1
Red LED10
Green LED10
Yellow LED10
Push Buttons4
Photo resistor – Light Sensor
(5516 5mm )
LM35 Temperature Sensor1
220 ohms Resistor10
330 ohms Resistor10
1K ohms Resistor10
9G Servo Motor1
Stepper Motor1
10 kΩ Variable resistor pots1
Active Buzzer                                                        1
Passive Buzzer1
7 Segment Display1
Jumper Wires solderless Male to Male20
Single Row 1*40mm Pin Header Male1
IR Mini Remote1
UNO Proto shield1
4 segment Segment display1
74HC595 IC DIP1
Ball switch                                      2
IR Receiver1
Flame sensor1
8*8 LED Matrix1
Stepper motor Driver1


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