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Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR

Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR


The Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 NoIR is the latest entry in the mainstream RPi camera line-up, and comes without an IR filter (thus the NoIR). Built around a 12-megapixel Sony IMX708 image sensor module, Camera Module 3 offers a few key enhancements over its predecessor. Improved low-light sensitivity makes for better photos and output in situations where there's not a lot of light. The module also features powered autofocus making it easier to get a sharp picture output. Finally the Camera Module 3 features High Dynamic Range (HDR) support expanding the range of color and contrast in the output.

This NoIR version features the standard lens (76° field of view). It also comes in a wide-angle lens variation which is available in the related products below.




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